Hydroponic Sound System
Mixtape Mentality

ATCD1003 | Compact Disc
Price - $11.99

The new full-length flows like the old-styled mixtapes.  You know the rules - all the influences come together with spitshine from the heads who've been down from the jump -   Headkrack, Bavu Blakes, MYK, Grand Supreem and Chucky Sly.  Plus new contributors like Tahiti, Mes, Myone, Steve Austin & Al Lyric. S'Ence and Laconda make it purty in places.  Shout outs from Badu, Bobbito, and Phife!?!?!? 19 joints like POW!

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  1. Counter Reset
  2. 50K - featuring Bavu Blakes
  3. Modern Beats Vs. Verse - featuring Bavu Blakes, Headkrack, Tahiti, Chucky Sly, Mes and Skinny
  4. Catch A Flashback - featuring S 'ence
  5. All Right - featuring Headkrack, Keynote, Tahiti and Laconda Davis
  6. Mixtape Mentality
  7. It's Working - featuring Bavu Blakes & Mes
  8. Closing Time/Reggie Rush - featuring Headkrack
  9. Distractions - featuring Bavu Blakes & Myone
  10. Big Fat Hater - featuring MYK
  11. This Just In (Special Edition) - featuring Bavu Blakes & Chucky Sly
  12. Uptown Shakedown - featuring Grand Supreem
  13. Slow Burn - featuring Bavu Blakes, Steve Austin & Headkrack
  14. Live From BBoy City - hosted by Bavu Blakes
  15. Ray's Bodega (Hydro's 718 Mix) - featuring Headkrack
  16. M.J.Q.P.R.J.J.P.
  17. Still Tryin' - featuring Bavu Blakes & Al Lyric
  18. (Bah-Voo) (Hydro's Funky Texas Jonze Remix) - featuring Bavu Blakes
  19. Disco Illumination

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