It's been a minute since we've had any updates, but we've been busy.  We've done music for the documentaries Stop The Presses and Inside The Circle.  Both great flicks and we're proud to have gotten down.

  But for the first time in a while there are some new Hydro releases thanks to our Japanese friends at Rudiments and Concent.

Funky Excavation is a 14 track heater of some of our favorite cuts compiled for a Japanese-only release.  If you want to get in on that action, try Amazon right hurr.

The disc contains a previously unreleased track called "The Deafening Screams of Silence" that you can check out right now by clicking on Alt-Take Radio to your upper right there.

But our homie Mari said wax was also in order so we've put together a 12" which includes an exclusive collaboration with Sadat X and Blaze Won called "Bang!" And that's what it do. Here's what The Lab says.  

Hydro stay global.  Thanks for checking in with us.

Lots and lots of digital releases waiting to be downloaded so hit up our cyberpartners

If you're a DJ preferring to download hi-rez files for use with apps like Serato or Traktor DJ Studio, be sure to hit up Beatport.com for our collection of Vinyl and CD goodies in wav format.

Ahhh yes. The ubiquitous MySpace plug!


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